Forgive me

But how many days was I like that? Pretending to listen but not hearing a word, Pretending to care when I hated it all, Pretending to live when I was dying inside? 

The Secret Garden

Decorate your heart and mind in what you love,  paint your eyes with wonders, and wander towards the things that inspire and delight you.

Inside is the only undiscovered paradise that no one knows.

The hard time

I wished I could stay anew, as you first found me 

The Him

I guess I wouldn’t mind to fall in love a little bit, ouch I think I fell a little bit more 

The Hazy Paths

Funny on how the life takes you furthest from your hopes and dreams and you had to navigate yourself back to where you want to be, and you met with little happiness along the way. 

pretty much

pretty much

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The Rude Awakening

What have I done to myself?  Tear me from inside out and leave me monotonous, from right to left. 

The Afterglow

I hate myself to death

The end of the line

Remember all the hope and dreams I’ve told you? Life took me furthest from them all